Peerless Taoist

C7388 Plan to Break the Formation!

C7388 Plan to Break the Formation!

0"Cut the crap, let's begin!" Lu Yu said coldly.    


Han Zhiyi's expression immediately became extremely ugly.    


However, the situation was already quite serious. Han Zhiyi was also very clear in her heart. If she did not submit to Lu Yu, it would be impossible for her to leave today.    


After coming here, Han Zhiyi had already seen too many deaths.    


No matter how powerful the cultivators in the outside world were, once they were captured here, they would immediately become slaves, and be enslaved by the demons, suffering from torture.    


She, Han Zhiyi, was not willing to die in this dark place. Thus, after thinking for a moment, she decisively agreed to Lu Yu's request.    


"I swear on the heavens and earth..."    


Han Zhiyi used the remaining weak magic power she had and recited her own oath.    


This kind of oath was the acknowledgment of the laws of heaven and earth.    


Once someone broke the oath, they would suffer the backlash of the laws of heaven and earth. The lightest case would be that their cultivation level would regress, and their strength would not be able to advance at all. The worst case would be that they would die on the spot, and their souls would be scattered.    


Therefore, very few cultivators would use this kind of oath. Once they made the oath, very few people dared to go against it.    


"Once this oath is completed, you are not allowed to go against it!" Han Zhiyi stretched out her hand and shook Lu Yu's hand.    


Immediately, two runes appeared between their palms, entangling each other, and then dissipated.    


"Let me say this in advance. If you make things difficult for me, even if I die, I won't let you off!" Han Zhiyi's eyes were filled with threat.    


Lu Yu smiled faintly, "You don't have to be nervous. It's not time to use you yet. When I need you, I will send someone to inform you."    


Obtaining such an informant was a pleasant surprise.    


This meant that the plans of the Eternal Night Sky in the future would fall into his control. He would even have the chance to grasp Shen Linglong's movements.    


Such an opportunity was simply a once in a lifetime opportunity.    


After saying that, Lu Yu did not hesitate at all. He flicked his finger and a medicinal pill landed in Han Zhiyi's hand. Then, he poured a mouthful of mana into Han Zhiyi's body.    


"How did you do it? How did you recover so much magic power?!" Han Zhiyi was still shocked.    


Even now, she still could not figure out how Lu Yu recovered his cultivation level.    


However, there was one thing that could be guaranteed. The stronger Lu Yu recovered, the higher the probability of them escaping.    


"Whether I can recover my magic power has nothing to do with you. Be obedient and do what you should do."    


Lu Yu said indifferently, "Prepare to recover your magic power now. I still have something to do!"    


"Aren't you going to leave now? The longer you stay here, the more dangerous it will be!" Han Zhiyi said anxiously.    


She wished that she could immediately escape and leave this place as soon as possible.    


"Escape? The world is so big. Where else can I escape to?! You are a member of the Eternal Night Sky. You can just leave. However, this chaotic place is the place where my ancestors have lived for generations. I will not leave."    


Lu Yu waved his hand and said coldly, "This place must be destroyed, otherwise, it will be a hidden danger."    


"You are crazy!" Han Zhiyi's eyelids twitched.    


She suddenly had a feeling that she had stepped onto a pirate ship.    


No matter which cultivator it was, if they encountered such a situation, they would probably immediately escape from this place and leave immediately!    


But Lu Yu actually did not plan to leave and wanted to destroy this place.    


"Han Zhiyi, you are now my subordinate. You don't need to know what I want to do. Just listen to me obediently!" Lu Yu shouted coldly and threw a medicine to Han Zhiyi.    


"Damn it!"    


Han Zhiyi's eyelids twitching crazily.    


However, she could clearly feel that there was an invisible rule shrouding her from the Heaven and Earth Law, restraining all her movements.    


Since Han Zhiyi had already sworn a Dao oath, she had to follow Lu Yu's will to do things. If she disobeyed even a little, she would immediately attract the backlash of the law.    


She had only just recovered a little of her cultivation level, so she was unable to resist this backlash at all.    


"I will first recover my cultivation level. Lu Yu, you are so arrogant that you will suffer a loss sooner or later in the hands of the Demon Race. When you die, the oath on my body will naturally be undone!" Han Zhiyi sneered in his heart. He already had his own plans.    


"Lu Yu, what do you want to do? This place is quite dangerous!" Qingniu reminded at this moment.    


It had been hiding in Lu Yu's body for a long time. Now, it finally got in touch with Lu Yu.    


"Green Cow, do you think a Saint Demon will descend here?"    


Lu Yu shook his head and said in a deep voice, "The current Bedlam Lands are quite weak. Not to mention a Saint Demon, even a slightly stronger Demon God can sweep through this place."    


"Although I can escape now, if a peerless Demon Descends here, the entire Bedlam Lands will be plunged into a state of misery and suffering."    


Green Cow reminded him, "Your current strength has not fully recovered yet. If you really encounter a Demon expert, how do you face them?"    


"It's fine!"    



Lu Yu waved his hand and said with a calm expression, "If my guess is correct, the blood should be some kind of sacrifice. I have prepared a big gift for them."    


Back then, on the Demon Land of Jade Emperor Heaven, Lu Yu had seen a sacrifice with the Demon Race.    


That kind of sacrifice also required a large amount of blood. Therefore, many people of the Mysterious Dust Heaven were not killed but were raised as slaves.    


Now, the situation they were facing was exactly the same as before.    


As soon as he finished speaking, a black rune appeared on Lu Yu's skin and disappeared in a flash.    


Green Cow was shocked when he saw this. "You want to use curses to deal with the Demon Race? But the number of curses is too many."    


Under the gaze of the green bull, black runes continuously condensed around Lu Yu's body.    


These runes emitted a strange aura, and even released a sinister aura.    


All of the curses were integrated into Lu Yu's bloodline. At this moment, Lu Yu had already transformed part of his blood into his own treasure.    


If the demons dared to use his blood, he would immediately sense it and react accordingly.    


In this area, it was impossible to sense the passage of time in the outside world.    


In order to conserve their strength, the cultivators in the other caves did not move at all. They were even too lazy to speak.    


It was rare for Lu Yu to be at peace. He continuously absorbed the primeval Qi from the Fuxi Golden Seal.    


"This seal is indeed mysterious. At least it can only be used by a supreme expert in the Eternal King Realm!" Lu Yu's Spiritual Sense landed on the seal on his body. He felt a power that was like a tsunami continuously being released from it.    


However, Lu Yu felt the fluctuations of the soul on it.    


It should be the seal formed by the power of the soul.    


"It's a pity that you don't know that I have many secret treasures on me. Your seal will help me cultivate in the end!"    


Lu Yu recovered his mana to a certain extent and immediately sensed the existence of the Tai Chi Art.    


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