Villain Lady

Framed (2)

Framed (2)

0What kind of woman would willingly share her man with her sister? People always said that a wife who let their husband have a concubine was virtuous. However, in the end, the battles were always fierce inside the residence. No one would want to be put in that pit of fire by suggesting concubines to her future husband.     

That would be ridiculous.     

On the side, Wei Yijun glanced at Wei Zilin for a moment. His dark brown eyes seemed to be thinking of something, but he didn't voice it out loudly. There were some thoughts inside his mind as he watched them. Somehow, he felt that all of his sisters were very ambitious.     

"Let's just go back and rest."     

Wei Zilin pouted. She turned around and trotted back to Wei Xiao Hua's quarter.     

The others chose to pretend that they didn't see them as they returned back to their own quarter. Wei Liuying was not an exception as she no longer had any interest in meddling with Wei Xiao Hua. But if the latter wanted to mess with her, she would definitely not stay quiet.     

"Miss," Xiao Qing greeted when she saw Wei Liuying.     

Wei Liuying nodded. "Where's Xiao Yu?"     

"Xiao Yu is taking some food from the kitchen for your lunch, Miss."     

"I see."     

Hearing that, Wei Liuying walked back to her room and picked up the book again. She still wanted to read the content again because there were some things that she felt confused about. With her brother growing, the topic of the books become even more diverse and comprehensive.     

Well, that was the basic for the scholars, so she should have expected that she would have to read and understand everything eventually. Looking at the content, she felt that she understood why most scholars were already over 20 years old. To be able to recite so many words without mistake meant that their memorization had to be good.     

'Well, Second Brother is good at memorization, but when it comes to improvement, he sucks.'     

In the examination, they would have to recite the paragraph just from the examiner giving them a sentence. Thankfully, not all books have to be memorized completely like that and only some. As for the rest of the examination, they have to be able to implement their knowledge to solve some problems.     

For this part, Wei Liuying wasn't sure that her brother would be able to pass with flying color. He was pretty bad at it.     

"Miss! There's a problem."     

Wei Liuying had just read a few sentences when she saw a servant come in. Her panicked expression made her heart drop, but she maintained a calm expression. "What is it?"     

"Xiao Yu is caught when she's watching."     


Wei Liuying had already retracted the order for Xiao Yu to watch over Wei Xiao Hua's movement. How come she got caught now? Thinking about Wei Zilin, Wei Liuying had the feeling that she might have a hand in this.     

"I'll go there."     

"Please hurry, Miss."     

Wei Liuying quickened her pace, but she still didn't use her martial art. Her expression didn't change in the slightest even after she entered the courtyard. Xiao Yu was kowtowing on the ground while Wei Zilin was wailing while holding onto her servant. Ji Shu was sitting with Wei Xiao Hua standing beside him like an obedient young girl.     

"Third Daughter in Wei Residence, Wei Liuying greets His Highness the Fourth Prince," Wei Liuying gave formal kowtow and greetings.     

However, Ji Shu didn't let her rise. He was looking at her with ruthlessness in his eyes. "Ben Wang* heard that you have been pulling strings to interfere with Xiao Hua. Is that true?"     

Wei Liuying calmly analyzed Ji Shu's way of addressing. She knew that he had already put Wei Xiao Hua as part of his men, so he would surely care for her greatly. "This one is innocent, Your Highness."     

"Do you think I'll believe your lies?" Ji Shu snorted. "Ben Wang is not stupid. If you didn't try to interfere with Wei Xiao Hua, why would you send your servant to watch over her like this?'     

"Subject Wei Liuying didn't send her to spy on First Sister, Your Highness."     

"Your Highness, it's true!" Wei Zilin almost screamed. "I only came here because the Third Sister wanted to see you!"     

Wei Liuying kept her expression intact. Even though she was looking down, which naturally meant that they couldn't see her expression, she still didn't want to show anything out. Her weakness had to be buried deep within her heart.     

"Did Ben Wang ask you?" Ji Shu sent a glare to Wei Zilin, terrifying her to shut her mouth instantly. By now, Wei Zilin didn't have the courage to do anything under Ji Shu's glare. He was too frightening in her opinion.     

Ji Shu averted his eyes back to Wei Liuying. "Raise your head."     

Wei Liuying lifted her head. Her black eyes were staring back calmly to Ji Shu, who was looking down at her. He looked at her eyes, which was completely pitch black. It was different with others who were mostly dark brown, close to black but not quite too.     

"Can you still say that you're innocent?"     

"Subject Wei Liuying is innocent, Your Highness. I have never asked Second Sister to come here," Wei Liuying replied.     

Ji Shu looked back at Wei Liuying, his expression was still as cold as ever.     

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