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Big Bun And Little Bun

Big Bun And Little Bun


In the end, starvation proved to really work.


Lu Jingli was efficient, and immediately sent Ning Xi's address to his brother's cellphone, followed by a bunch of questions trying to satisfy his gossipy nature, which Lu Tingxiao naturally ignored.

This time without needing Lu Tingxiao to say anything, the moment Little Treasure saw his father pick up his coat and car keys, he immediately followed suit.

Lu Tingxiao looked down at his son by his leg, and then helplessly carried him up. "No more next time."

After Ning Xi returned from the audition, she freshened up before heading out to the supermarket to buy hot pot ingredients, some dishes, and beer.

After experiencing such an ordeal, she had to have a hot pot celebration at home!

A single person having hot pot by herself was really the ultimate level of loneliness.

However, she had always been by herself, so she was used to it.

Right after she had started heating up the pot and finished preparing the dishes, the doorbell rang.

Who could possibly visit at this hour?

Ning Xi opened the door curiously, and was shocked.

On her doorstep stood Lu Tingxiao in a neat suit under a large, black coat. In his arms, he carried Little Treasure, who was holding a colorful fruits basket.

This was an… odd pairing?

"Mister Lu?" Ning Xi felt so frightened. "Why did you come here? It's quite late. Is something the matter?"

"To check on your health," Lu Tingxiao replied curtly.

Check on my health?

Personally coming over to her place late at night, bringing Little Treasure with him?

She only had a small fall…

"Ah, Mister Lu, you're too kind. Please come in. I apologize since my home is a little messy." Ning Xi couldn't process the situation fast enough. She felt extremely flustered as she invited them in and then hurriedly tidied up what she could, shoving magazines under the sofa and her scattered clothes under the bed.

"Sit wherever you like. Would you like anything to drink? How about tea and milk?" She tried to guess what Lu Tingxiao would want, but he was too much of a mystery for her to figure out.

"That's fine." Lu Tingxiao nodded his head, his expression making him seem like a soldier reporting to his superiors.

Ning Xi boiled some water for Lu Tingxiao's tea and poured a glass of milk for Little Treasure.

Lu Tingxiao's long and lanky figure made him appear a bit squished on the couch with Little Treasure beside him.

Not only did the father and son pair have cool, handsome features, but even their expressions also appeared the same.

They were both expressionless.

And wouldn't speak.

And created the same cold, silent atmosphere.

When Ning Xi saw this, she wanted to cry but had no tears.

Really, what did these two come here for?

At this moment, the pot started to wheeze, and an enticing spicy smell filled the air.

To break the silence, Ning Xi casually asked, "Have you two eaten dinner yet? I prepared a hot pot, would you like to eat together?"

Lu Tingxiao: "Okay."

Little Treasure nodded his head.

She was just being nice, yet the two of them answered so swiftly?

One was a big CEO and the other was a young master. What treasures and delicacies had they not tried, and yet they would run over to her place to eat a commoner's spicy hot pot with her?

Ning Xi couldn't bear to bring out the food.

But since she had already offered, she could only be thick-skinned by leading them to the table and putting out another two sets of chopsticks and bowls.

"The soup base I bought is pretty spicy. Can you handle spicy food?" Ning Xi asked restlessly.

Lu Tingxiao: "That's fine."

Little Treasure nodded again.


Ning Xi brought the prepared ingredients over.

Lu Tingxiao didn't eat much and for the most part, he cooked vegetables for them; however, Little Treasure loved spicy food as much as she did, and the two of them couldn't stop eating once they tasted the spiciness in their mouths.

After a while, Ning Xi felt a little worried. "Isn't it bad if children eat too much spicy food?"

If something happened to the little prince, she wouldn't be able to bear the responsibility.

"He's not that weak," Lu Tingxiao replied.

Hearing this, Ning Xi didn't say anything else.

"How was the audition?" The silent and cold machine Lu Tingxiao had finally taken the initiative to speak first.

Ning Xi was shocked, but recovered quickly and replied, "It was successful, that's why I prepared this hot pot celebration tonight!"

Lu Tingxiao raised his cup. "Congratulations."

Who knew the first one to congratulate her would be Lu Tingxiao?

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